What is a PWA? Progressive Web Apps for Beginners

With a bit of tinkering and technical know-how you could get something decent up and running. This unique travel booking company was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam. The goal is to offer weekend-only travel itineraries for users so they can hop on a plane and experience a two-day retreat based on the system’s recommendation.

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How Are Big Brands Making Use of PWA to Improve Their Business.

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While PWAs cover most scenarios, there are still some compatibility issues that, for instance, don’t allow them to enable NFC or Touch ID, which may be valuable for more deeply integrated use cases. For specific B2B businesses, a PWA can still be a great fit, but this is where they more frequently show some limitations. The number of sub-features, and different namings, are as numerous as the number of web searches you’re willing to make. The ones stated above are, however, those that best define what PWAs are and how they can potentially improve the user journey. The list may be extensive, but it’s also abstract, so let’s get practical and see how a progressive web app can perform and what it can do in specific business scenarios. PWAs can make use of your device hardware features, such as the camera, GPS and file systems.

Disadvantages of PWA

Settled’s Progressive Web App successfully increased conversions and mobile transactions by providing users with an easy-to-use, fast, and hassle-free mobile web experience. Before the Progressive Web App, MakeMyTrip faced high drop-off rates and customer acquisition costs, especially because most users accessed the mobile site through flaky internet connections. The Pinterest Progressive Web App enabled faster performance and higher user engagement on the mobile web, and significantly increased ad clickthroughs and time spent on the mobile web. Progressive Web App is the best mode for developers to make web app load faster.

progressive web apps examples

Also, they are the standard supported by Google itself, which automatically makes them the perfect match for voice solutions. It contains basic information like the app name, used icons or colors, and aims to enhance a native app-like experience. Search engines like smooth, fast apps with limited retention, and promote them with a higher ranking in search results. And, as we all know, the higher the position, the greater the chance of grabbing the user’s attention. One of the main benefits of PWAs is the fact that they speed up the process of the application being indexed in Google. They have URLs like standard web pages, which means that Google is able to crawl and index it.

Responsive website vs native app vs Progressive Web App (PWA)

The most cost-efficient way to do so is by leveraging a ready-to-use PWA solution for Magento, that can be installed on top of Magento 2 store within just several developer hours. The trend continues to demonstrate steady growth in both usage volume, as well as rate of technological progress, changing the way people interact with the web. Among the best PWA examples are in mobile eCommerce, which has been booming over the past few years. Don’t show different content to users than you show to Google .

progressive web apps examples

In short, YouTube’s use of progressive web technology has helped it to become one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. PWAs are web apps that take advantage of modern web technologies to deliver a native app-like experience to users. Examples of popular PWAs include Starbuck, Twitter Lite, Microsoft, Uber, and Pinterest. These apps offer users a fast, convenient, and reliable experience that is hard to beat. As more companies begin to see the benefits of PWAs, it is likely that we will see even more examples of PWAs in the future. The new PWA experience has tripled its conversion rate by reducing page-load times by 38%.


You will see how famous brands improved the main KPIs after this technology implementation. PWA is a powerful tool to enhance the online business experience. As the world’s most popular social magazine, Flipboard allows readers to keep up with all topics, news, and events they care about, from one single place.

progressive web apps examples

They discovered that it was difficult to offer an appealing user experience, as half of their users were browsing through 2G or flaky networks. Fascinated by the innovative web development trends and its features, they lastly decided to devote themselves to a Progressive Web App. Visit m.uber.com pwa trends via any modern browser, and you can easily use the service without having to download and install the app from the stores. Now you can easily get access to this PWA through desktop and mobile browsers, and there will be a prompt asking if you want to install the apps on your device.

Summary of successful PWA examples

In addition, the PWA technology makes it possible to add features that are not available on a traditional website, such as push notifications and offline functionality. As a result, Flipkart Lite provides a much richer experience for mobile users than the previous mobile site. In addition, because Progressive Web Apps are designed to work across all mobile devices and platforms, Flipkart Lite will be accessible to even more mobile users than the previous native app. Pinterest PWA platform is one of the first major examples of a successful Progressive Web Application or PWA. Pinterest PWA proved that PWAs could deliver a great user experience, with app-like features such as push notifications, instant loading, and offline support. As a result, Pinterest PWA has seen success in delivering a new mobile web experience that rivals native mobile apps.

  • They have verified landlords and listing reviews to save time for students in finding their best fit.
  • Twitter Lite is, in fact, Twitter’s default mobile experience.
  • That’s why the company became the first UK retailer to invest in a PWA and reduced the time from browser to purchase by two to four times.
  • YouTube is one of the most popular examples of a PWA, and it offers a number of advantages over traditional web apps.
  • The PWA minimizes data usage to deliver a slick and fast browsing experience, in a beautiful interface.

BookMyShow – an aggregator service for the entertainment industry – increased conversions by 80%. Twitter Lite is much smaller than the corresponding heavyweight Android app. This PWA offers an “Add to Homescreen” prompt, web push notifications, and temporary offline browsing.

The Technical Definition of a Progressive Web App

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